Fall Guy: Part 2

Maybe just a bit too coincidental. In today’s installment of Fall(out) Guy, we meet health physicist Phil Broughton. Stay tuned as he schools our hapless hero in the knowledge of DEADLY RADIATION. (His words, not mine!)

Fall Guy: Part 3

“You can get fallout from any light particulate floating through the air. Volcanic ash, fuel smoke coming up the stack from cargo ships, forest fires. If you’ve ever parked a car near Port Elizabeth and had to clear grime off it after parking overnight, congratulations, you’ve encountered fallout.”

Fall Guy: Part 4

I make jokes about bikini snow, but it’s important to realize that stuff didn’t just fall on an empty desert. The human and environmental toll taken by the testing of atomic weapons in the pacific is a topic that will be covered soon in the series with Dr. Kathryn Higley.