Cosmic Driftwood

My latest comic for The Nib was another collaboration with physicist and science writer Matthew Francis. Together we took a look at the strange visitor that zipped it’s way through our solar system in October, 2017: ╩╗Oumuamua.

Embark on a Post-Apocalyptic Learning Adventure

If you’re anything like me, you’ve logged over 200 hours in Bethesda Game Studios’ newest title, Fallout 4, and asked yourself, “How much armor can I realistically put on my dog?” Okay, maybe you’re not like me.

The Trouble With Teleportation

I teamed up with physicist and science writer Matthew Francis to give you the best explanation of quantum teleportation out there, and to tell you why you won’t be instantaneously zipping between two points any time soon.

Science is Political

Whether you are aware of it or not, science is shaped by politics. In this comic for The Nib, scientists from a variety of backgrounds speak out about how this new administration affects their work.

Happy New Year

Here at the Naro household, it’s my job to make sure the New Year gets off on the right foot. I don’t let that power change me, though.

Bad Precedent

When I first learned about the Japanese internment camps, I was too young to fully grasp what an outright civil rights violation it was. But I still knew they were bad.

Psychology Has a Reproducibility Problem

One of the hallmarks of a solid experiment is that other scientists can repeat it and obtain the same results. In my latest comic for The Nib, I explore why are so many psychology studies failing this step.