Bad Precedent


One of the uglier, lesser-known civil rights violations in American history has been cited as “precedent” for Trump’s plan to register all Muslims in America. How quickly do they forget that in 1988 Reagan paid 1.3 billion dollars in reparations for this massive violation of due process. How short are our memories where people have forgotten that putting people in camps (at the same time that Germany was also putting people in camps) was not an idea that was to be tucked away in case we needed to do it again.

The same goes for the 2002 NSEERS program put into place after 9/11, which was also mentioned in the segment. These embarrassments to American history should only be precedent for how we should not conduct things in this “free country.”

George Takei spent 3 years of his childhood living in an Arkansas internment camp. He told his story at TEDxKyoto.

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